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When my Mother (Mary Josephine Loeffler) was alive I interviewed her on tape in an endeavor to preserve some of my family history; unfortunately I regret that I did not have the same forethought while Dad (Hugo William Wiberg) was alive. So much history is lost because most of us are just not interested when the "old folks" are still with us. I am recording family memories here in the hope of saving future generations from wondering where and when a relative was born or died, etc.

As I have written these pages, I speak of the individuals as they are related to me.  You will have to adjust the relationship as it applies to you.  I have chosen the names Loeffler and Wiberg because they are my parents' last names.  There are, of course, other family names, but these you will see for yourself as you go through the files.  I just had to start someplace.

I am indebted to my Uncle, George Loeffler, and my Half First Cousin Once Removed, Torvald Åkesson, for creating family genealogical charts that piqued my interest some years ago.  I am grateful that they had the forethought to create and preserve these lists for me, their future generation.

I am also indebted to my good friends Sven Wickberg and Patricia Harrington for their insights and historical knowledge of things Swedish and Salvation Army; also to Marianne Lundgren (a genealogist from Huskvarna, Sweden) and Jan-Eric Åkesson (my  half second cousin!) who very kindly went the extra mile to find out a huge amount of information about Grandma Lotten's family.  They have all graciously given time and effort to this project and I sincerely hope you will enjoy their efforts as much as I have and do.

I also owe a huge debt of gratitude to Bill and Cristol of State College, PA. Thanks to their computer expertise, I now have a web site of my own, much more space (thanks to "Dr. Bill"), new knowledge to be able to present the information to you in a professional and efficient manner (thanks to patient Cristol), and their combined compassion and understanding of how important this project is to me and my family.

I welcome all questions, answers, corrections, and additional memories you might have about our family.